Sunday, May 27, 2018

An Appeasement Script

After the 2012 election, probably stolen and manipulated, the Patriot movement grew leaps and bounds.  Liberty minded Americans were getting more than angry.  Militias flourished, and their numbers grew tremendously.  Liberty minded Americans were ready to retaliate or escalate any government tyrannical actions.

It is during those last four years of the Obama Presidency, that the Deep State took roots like never before.  I am not saying the Deep State did not exist before, it simply grew and got better organized during the last cabinet.

One MUST understand, that this is not a US Political Party's doing. Both Dems and Reps, ever since Kennedy's assassination, have been the pawns of the Global actions for a New World Order. This New World with no borders, no differences between advanced nations and 3rd world countries, has been in the making ever since. A leveling or redistribution of wealth has been in the making between the nations, for the nations will one day no longer exist. It will become Regions of the World, where diverse cultures will have been absorbed by the New World's ideologies and behaviors.

I have been reluctant to give my take on the Trump Presidency, because even I was lying to myself, for the sake of keeping hope and giving hope to others.
But due to today's events, policies, lack of Justice, GeoPolitical maneuvers, etcetera, I will say it as I see it.

The Donald Trump Presidency was allowed so that the Liberty minded Americans would go back to sleep.  They were getting way too angry, and way too organized.
They could have very well rigged the elections and have Clinton serve as Queen of this Region of the World Empire. As a Queen of course, she would have been subservient to the World Emperor and his court.

But the American people have proven to be quite dangerous when motivated, therefore, they went for the appeasement mode, by allowing a People's choice Leader. Just a small step back for their plans, as they still exert control with the Deep State, the Intelligence Agencies, and the Military Industrial Complex.
Never in the history of this country did a sitting President face so much adversity and setbacks. They will not allow him to go too far, and they are ready to break down the house, by War or any other means necessary, if he attempts to do so.

Bottom line fellow Liberty Americans, I doubt our country will survive.
We Have Been Fooled. We went back to sleep. We have been too unsupportive of our Leader. And our Leader is in a fight no man can win.

Our country was once the Beacon of Liberty in the World, and still too many Liberty minded Americans are alive.
In a few decades, Liberty minded Americans will either be too old, or will have died, giving the Globalists victory.
If they are in a rush or feel threatened, who knows what they'll do, maybe a Nuclear War?

Our Children will NOT uphold our Legacy of the Only Free Nation of the World.
This Nation was the only one in World history to get rid of Monarchs successfully.

Our children have been Indoctrinated or Deceived. We have been deceived, and some of us are very Sorry for that.

Our children are either Liberals, Snow Flakes, Socialists, or Marxists. With their ideologies, they'll open the doors for World Domination by the Few Global Elites, and possibly the AntiChrist.

On this Memorial Day Weekend, Remember our Fallen Men and Women of our armed forces.  They selflessly gave it All, for they sincerely thought it was to preserve our Liberties.

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